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Complete Dental Implant Solutions in London

A dental implant is the gold standard to replace one or more missing teeth.  It is a permanent, biocompatible titanium root placed directly into the bone.  The end result, are attractive, natural-looking teeth that help you look and feel your very best.  You will be able to enjoy the foods you love; speak with the confidence you once had and smile as wide and as big as you feel inside.

We invite you to learn more about how dental implants can improve your life. This page will help prepare you to take that first big step toward regaining your natural, self-assured smile.  Best of all, the entire dental implant procedure, from surgery to placing the final crown, bridge or denture restoration is performed in the comfort our Alba Dental Centre office by London implant-trained dentists Dr. Sharif Alsabbagh or Dr. Nuha Baalbaki.


What are the benefits of dental implants?

Choosing dental implants as a treatment option can offer you a number of significant advantages.

  • Maintain Natural Bone. If you have missing teeth, the bone begins to shrink over time.  Unhealthy bone loss can make your jaw line recede and change your facial structure.  Dental implants can help prevent deterioration of the jawbone so your face retains its natural shape.
  • Keep your healthy teeth.  A better long-term alternative to bridgework, dental implants eliminate the need to grind down healthy teeth when replacing one or more adjacent teeth.  Your own natural healthy teeth are not compromised.
  • Biocompatible Security.  Securely anchored dental implants do not slip or move because they fuse to the bone. They are biocompatible.  This eliminates some of the key problems of dentures, including poor fit, gum irritation and pain from exposed nerves.  The result is superior comfort, reliability, and the freedom to speak, smile or eat what you want, whenever you want.


Same-day single-tooth dental implants

If you are missing a single tooth, a single implant-supported crown may be a better alternative than a bridge.  Single-tooth dental implant replacements look and feel so natural and provide the following benefits:

  • Looks, feels and performs similar to your natural tooth
  • Does not compromise your adjacent teeth to support a bridge
  • Preserves surrounding bone (replaces tooth root)*
  • Prevents bone collapse and jaw line recession*
  • Oral care same as a natural tooth
  • Restores a more secure biting ability than a removable denture
  • Restores self-confidence and appearance


Multiple teeth replacement with dental implants

If you are missing multiple teeth, then an implant-supported bridge may be the solution for you.  Unlike traditional bridgework or removable partial dentures that can slip, come loose, and cause irritation, an implant-supported bridge stays secure and strong, and won’t cause problems for your adjacent teeth.  So comfortable and natural, they’ll look and feel just like your own teeth.


Experience new comfort and stability with an implant-supported bridge.

  • Looks, feels and performs like your natural teeth
  • Does not compromise your adjacent teeth to support a bridge
  • Preserves surrounding bone (replaces tooth root)*
  • Bridge attaches securely to implants
  • Prevents bone collapse and jaw line recession*
  • Restores a more secure biting ability than a removable denture
  • Eliminates recurrent wear around prepared teeth
  • Improves appearance and self-esteem

Complete lower or upper tooth replacement with dental implants


If you are missing all of your teeth in the upper and/or lower jaw and currently use a removable full denture, then an implant-supported denture could be the right solution for you.  Unlike removable full dentures which can fit poorly, cause gum irritation, and pain from exposed nerves, implant-supported dentures virtually eliminate slipping and movement.  You’ll be able to laugh and speak with confidence, and enjoy your favorite foods with ease.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are small diameter dental implants that are mostly used to stabilize loose dentures in one two-hour appointment. Most of the time, patient’s existing dentures can be used and adjusted to fit over these implants. The support mini-implants provide is comparable to that of regular size implants with minimal cost and surgical trauma to the patient. Some of the benefits of mini dental implants include:

  • Maintaining integrity of facial structure (helps prevent further bone deterioration)
  • Increases comfort and stability
  • Restores a more secure biting ability than a removable denture
  • Eliminates need for adhesives
  • Improves appearance (lost lip support restored)
  • Builds confidence in eating and speaking more clearly