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Oakville- What Is Preventive & Conservative Dentistry?

preventive and Conservative Dentistry-
Here at Lewis Clinic, we put very high emphasis on preventive and Conservative dentistry and we make it a point to teach our patients about its importance. Preventive and Conservative dentistry include all procedures performed at the very early stages of dental problems and it shows even higher success rates when performed before the occurrence of any oral health issues.

Preventive and Conservative Dentistry offered

Family Dentistry | Children’s Dentistry | Dental Hygiene | Periodontal Therapy | Laser Treatment | Root Canal Therapy | Oral Surgery | Nitrous Oxide Sedation | Full/Partial Dentures | | Mouthguards


preventive and Conservative Dentistry- Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry & Children’s Dentistry fall under the umbrella of preventive dentistry, since they rely mainly on constant and regular dentist visits from the age of 2.




preventive and Conservative Dentistry- Dental Hygiene

Patients from all ages are encouraged to pay us a visit every 4-6 months for a Dental Hygiene appointment, where we make sure your oral health is in great condition, prevent any dental problems from happening, or start treating the problem early on.




preventive and Conservative Dentistry- Gum Disease Therapy

Advanced gum disease may cause bad breath, teeth loss, bone tissue damage and in more extreme cases it may also cause heart strokes and diabetes, so it is best to take all preventative measures. Periodontal Therapy, whether surgical, non-surgical, or by Laser Treatment, is very critical to your overall health.



preventive and Conservative Dentistry- Mouthguards

While very popular in sports, Mouthguards are also effective for snoring and bruxism (teeth grinding). They are primarily to protect your teeth from injuries and prevent them from any damage.




preventive and Conservative Dentistry- Root Canal Therapy

Not only does Root Canal Therapy relieve the pain that is cause by the infected nerve, it also lets you keep the tooth, which prevents your other teeth from drifting out of line and causing jaw problems.




preventive and Conservative Dentistry- Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extractions are usually our last resort, because we always do our best to save the tooth. However, in some cases, such as wisdom tooth removal, we just have to do it. For these cases, we offer our patients the option of Nitrous Oxide Sedation for a comfortable and painless experience.



preventive and Conservative Dentistry- Full/Partial Dentures

In case of missing teeth, Full/Partial Dentures are the best way to help with speech, chewing and the overall appearance of your smile.




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